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Special Terms & Conditions
         of Sale and Delivery


rhizomes to produce pharmaceutical products

and for the renaturation plants

Terms of Business and delivery within the Community (EU-EUROPE)


My general terms and conditions of sale, contract of sowing out orchids and delivers
are part each and any business contract between me and my customers.
By ordering, the customer explicitly agrees to these terms and conditions.

Only orders of plant numbers in the corresponding age group are accepted!


However, a general rule for the supply of rhizomes to the above purposes:

- A previous binding indication of potential weight of a rhizome is excluded,

   this is not possible!

   Rhizomes and tubes of pure "cross-pollinated" natural forms of  the same development

   time and nutrient doses vary in size and weight.

   Rhizome and tubes of "self- or neighbour-pollinated" natural forms develop in principle

   poor and are completely unpredictable.


Key to the price of plants is their age!





Seedlings in or just out of flask

If not stated otherwise, prices are given per seedling in best quality, sterile in glass flasks,
net in Gladbeck without the Tax (VAT) of  7 per cent , plus costs for shipment, delivery
and packaging material.
Between 15 and 40 (depending on flask size) seedlings ready for potting are usually
in each culture flask.
Less orchids in culture vessels produced to explicit customer preference are of course
more expensive; the customer is invoiced extra for these.

To simplify the delivery and assessment of quality seedlings can be "deflask" delivered.


Plants out of soil culture

Orchids out of  "normal substrate" are grossly cleaned off the substrate.

Any additional requirements could be make but the customer has to pay the costs.

The further treatments of these plants make it difficult or nearly impossible to cultivate these orchids so the customer has to pay the whole price before the treatments will start.


Produced orchids "out of normal substrate" are designated with price per unit

as follows:

1. one year in normal substrate (one growing season)

2. two years in normal substrate (two seasons) foll

3. flowering size or adult (adult plant is ready for reproduction)

Unit prices will be, following the trend of costs in the laboratory and energy,  adjusted

each year. Deviations are permitted only in the contract for sale.


All additional customer requirements, if I agree, are chargeable.


Additional services will become immediately payable, regardless of the time of delivery of the plants.


Required "CITES" fees or fees for a Phytosanitary certificate will be pay by the customer.



Minimum Quantity







I am entitled to demand a conto or advance payments. Usually these advance payments will be required in half before sowing and/or half way through the culture time.
Advanced payment will always be required from orders from abroad!


If the reason for ordering plants the destruction of themselves, the transfer of the plants shall be subject to immediate payment in cash or timely prior payment of the purchase price on my business account! 




The customer runs the risk and pays the costs of transport
The dispatch only occurs in the case of favourable weather!

Approximately one to two weeks before the end of culture of the orchids the customer receives a written, telephone or an  email - announcement of the successful completion
of the project.

Usually the delivery of seedlings in flasks falls in the month between March and April.


The delivery period for plants out of normal substrate, depending on soil temperatures, is usually October to December.



Sending backs always require previous (telephone) announcement and written confirmation
by myself!

The plants must be in original condition!






Orders are excepted only in written form with a legally binding signature. After my written confirmation they are, except of  force majeure, binding for both contracting parties.

Force majeure in the laboratory area, the purchaser acknowledges, among others, in addition:

Late contamination, water and electricity and heating failure, poor or inadequate performance of my suppliers in the chemical and laboratory technology field as well as the external maintenance personnel, etc.


Force majeure area are in the "normal culture" among other things, severe weather and pest calamities.


Advance payments of the customer will be reimbursed  if  I cannot deliver in case of
force majeure  immediately. Anything more is impossible.


When sowing orchids it is generally possible to adapt already in the artificial media the chemical conditions of the application site of the plants in their later habitat.

The essential requirement is a prior comprehensive soil analysis offered e.g. in Münster/ Germany named the LUFA.



liability - legal responsibility


Basically, I am liable for compliance with the conservation laws of the orchids sown by me.

In addition, I am responsible for the "species purity" in order height (height of the purchase price) if my company is the supplier of the seeds.

The production of seedlings is exclusively in my laboratory on own developed culture medium, which include only chemicals of the highest purity. If I use complex organic components my trust applies here only the reputable manufacturers. The use of synthetic plant-hormones such as "growth promoters" is excluded in all stages of production.


The buyer has no rights to see, recipes and production processes, to learn or to otherwise take a close look!


To test my company and my method only public corporations are specifically authorized and encouraged!


If a possible non-sterile culture is necessary, it will takes place only by me, or by from me  monitored individuals instead.

In the logged "normal culture" are guaranteed no:

- pesticides

- herbicides

- fungicides

- insecticides

- acaricides

- nematicides

- molluscicides

- bactericides

- Phytohormones etc.

used on the plants!


All plant protection measures which  become necessary are carried out exclusively by hand!


On request, a paid for the buyer independent sampling of the substrates and the plant take place according to the culture by the LUFA in Münster/Germany.


Any further liability is excluded!


My insurance certificates and will not release my buyer from their own industry-standard input controls, and their obligations to their customers or regulators over!



Reserved ownership
Up to the payment of the complete purchase price, the goods supplied by me
remain my estate.

In refusal of properly advised of finished orchids, the buyer automatically be in default. The refusal does not release the customer from his obligation to pay.


The place of fulfilment  for delivery, service and payment as well as the legal domicile is Gladbeck.
If individual points of the General Terms & Conditions of Sale and Delivery are or become
invalid, the validity of the others will not be affected!
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International

Sale of Goods of 11/04/80 ("CISG") is excluded.

For translations in other languages, the original German version is binding!

 Note for customers outside of the EC
Please, first make inquiries about the dispatch of your orchid seed and about the import
conditions for sterile orchids to your native country. After doing this send me the results
for specific further clarification of your wishes and the potential costs.


Status: 7-2014

Laboratory Bongers

All previous generell terms of business and delivery are no longer valid!

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